July 3, 2011
May’s Cocktails and Cupcakes

I was pretty pleased with my confections so I thought I’d share.

The May theme was “picnic”. What’s more picnic than tiny sandwiches?

grilled cheese


pimento cheese


and the belle of the ball, BLT

To make them, I made a recipe of pound cake from Screened Doors and Sweet Tea. If I’m not baking from the original Betty Crocker cookbook, I am most likely baking from this one. This is, in my humble opinion, the best cookbook out there for southern recipes. Unless you were reared in the south and have had the pleasure of collecting cookbooks handwritten by the ladies at your local church. Although, I REALLY don’t like her recipe for red velvet cake. My red velvet cake recipe comes from the St. Mark United Methodist’s recipe book ca. 1985.

…and I derailed myself….

So, I baked a loaf of pound cake and cut it much like one would a loaf of bread, and then in half to make it closer to cupcake size. All of the decorations are a combination of tinted royal icing and rolled fondant. The notable exceptions being the sauerkraut on the reuben (royal icing and shredded coconut), PB&J (sweetened peanut butter and raspberry curd), the bacon on the BLT (brown sugar candied bacon), and the pimento cheese (cut up white chocolate and butterscotch chips mixed with bits of twizzler and royal icing).

Are you candying bacon right now? You should be. Rub raw bacon on both sides with brown sugar, throw on a cookie sheet (preferably on a rack atop a cookie sheet) and bake at 425 until crispy and delicious.

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