February 11, 2012
Slowly becoming less pathetic

I can now make it through kickboxing class on occasion without dropping reps from sets or modifying exercises (unless we’re doing pushups, i can’t do a sans knee pushup yet). I was especially proud when a bunch of pretty skinny bitches came into kickboxing on wednesday all made up cute and had to leave halfway through, completely destroyed, while I was still going strong. Kickboxing is definitely the most challenging and strenuous class I’ve been doing, so it feels good to be less pathetic at it.

At the beginning of January, I was pseudo-running (on the elliptical) a 14 minute mile, that left me in a sweaty lump of exhaustion afterwards. I can now do a 12.5 minute mile on one machine and pick right back up and do a second one right after. It’s not much of an improvement, but it is a bit of one. In the short term, I’d like to run less than a 9 minute mile.

As far as actually running, I started at the beginning of February trying to build up my distance. I could run a quarter mile then. I’m up to a half mile now. I call it running, but it’s more like jogging, I’m at the pace of a 14 minute mile right now. I’d like to be able to really run a full mile by my birthday.

My new bike continues to be awesome, although I am still commuting on my cruiser. I believe I’ve finally nailed down exactly what makes the cruiser such an energy suck to ride. Yes, it’s a ridiculously heavy steel bike, and that’s a large part of it, but i’ve ridden similarly heavy bikes that aren’t that bad. I believe the weight coupled with the semi-recumbent posture a cruiser puts you in is why it’s such a bitch to ride. You sit bolt upright and your feet are far enough out in front of you due to that, that you don’t get the same power on the down stroke as a sportier styled bike.

Today, I reached one of my biking goals, which was to make it from Ivan Allen to Pine St before the light turned. It’s an odd goal, and probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to non-Atlanta people, but Ivan Allen is a road right before an overpass that crosses over i75. I always get stopped by the light there. Pine street is the next light on the other side of the overpass. The lights are timed so most cars can cross 75 (which is…. 8-12 lanes at this point) and pass through, but it was hopeless on a bike. Over the past few months I had been getting closer and closer to the light before it turned red, and today I sailed through a yellow in the nick of time.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself concerning fitness. However, I will likely weigh myself tomorrow and despair. It’s hard to keep reminding myself “oh yeah, your body is broken. don’t count on having lost any weight”. I just have to concentrate on not gaining, and hopefully after a while my metabolism will get with the program.

Bag End: 1/13/12
Crickhollow: 2/17/12

Next milestone: Tom Bombadil (@ 98 miles)

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2 Responses to “Slowly becoming less pathetic”

  1. Janet says:

    You rock Alicia! Very impressed with your exercise program — I need to get inspired. And you look great too. (:

    • fuzzdecay says:

      haha! thanks :) i've actually not lost a single pound or inch yet, which is why i've stopped measuring success by that. It's less frustrating to measure the stuff that my body can do now. You should walk to mordor with me! cheryl is doing it :)

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