January 17, 2013
Gordon gets the shittiest present

The most excited dog in the world

I’m not sure if i’ve ever made a big deal out of it, but Gordon and my sister in law share the same birthday. That would be August 10th. Yes, i’m that far behind. I get this far behind and think to myself “no one cares what happened 6 months ago, just give it up”, but i persevere for whatever reason.

So Gordon turned 2 and we had a small doggie party complete with meat cake.

Meat cake with mashed potato frosting. I got fancy this year and made bacon roses

Gordon and his new friends made short work of the cake. it was gone in under 30 seconds.

The only bad thing about Gordon’s birthday, is that he started throwing up on it. He continued throwing up and eating grass at his party on Saturday, through the weekend and into Monday. I was pretty concerned. Gordon is a 17lb dog, and he hadn’t been able to keep anything down for 3 days at that point.

We took him to the vet and he was given anti nausea meds, antibiotics, and enough fluids that it looked like he had a second head emerging from his shoulders. Unfortunately, he continued puking like a champ. On Tuesday, our vet was concerned enough to send us to the emergency vet since she was in surgery all day.

Gordon had bloodwork and an xray done. Nothing came back conclusive, but the vet had a strong suspicion that he had a blockage. Gordon went in for exploratory surgery. I learned that day that it really doesn’t matter  the price, if you put something in front of me and tell me that my dog might die unless i sign it, i will do it.

After surgery and a severely lightened pocketbook, we learned that he didn’t have a blockage after all. He was kept overnight for 2 nights due to the extent of the surgery. They cut him basically sternum to penis, biopsied his stomach, cut it open to check for blockages and palpated the entirety of his intestines to make sure nothing was in there.

Sad, high Gordon.

He was immediately coned because as soon as he woke up he ate off his IV. I knew he would be okay if he was an asshole that quickly. The vet let us visit him every night. He started trying to walk again 3 hours after surgery. I felt really bad that we put him through that surgery for no medical reason and cried about it a lot. My regular vet was also scared that it was a blockage, which is why she sent us to the emergency vet, but she seems to think it was just a food allergy now, which just made me feel extra awful given my diet situation.

Even though he got a pretty shitty birthday present, he healed pretty quickly and a week or so later was back to his normal asshole self. I have no idea what i’m going to do with the inevitable happens with Gordon. I love his stinky face so much, it wouldn’t even feel like home without him.

Gordon's incision before it completely healed. The scar isn't very visible at all anymore, almost like it never happened.

Soon we get to discuss me getting cut open!

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