me on the mad hatter's tea party

My name is Alicia. I’m a graphic designer in my mid-20s who lives in ATL. I’m from a woefully small town in the corn fields of south ga. The town is actually so small that it doesn’t have the population necessary to have a McDonald’s built. Its only redeeming quality was that it was near the beach.

I haven’t really fallen in love with ATL, even though I’ve lived here long enough to be considered a lifer. Although I always wanted to live in a city, I don’t believe this is the city for me. My family is from California and I’ve always held a belief that I would go there some day. I have this delusion that California will be my Mecca, and I will move there and my life will be all puppies and cupcakes until I die. That being said, I own a loft here in ATL, and the economy is keeping my wandering feet still for the next little while.

I share my loft with the beginnings of a cozy little family. My husband, Tim, abandoned his homeland of Canada and most of his worldly possessions to cram himself into my tiny loft. He’s using grad school as an excuse to remain in the country until we start on his naturalization process. We have adopted a rescued turtle, named Roosevelt. He was found in my mom’s yard in October of 2009 being attacked by ants. He now lives in an awesome Mario-themed wonderland in my living area.i love you smart car!

After our wedding in September of 2010, we brought home our wedding puppy, Gordon. He’s a brindle and white boston terrier with more energy than brains at times. He has been an unwavering source of light and humor in our lives, as well as stinks and grunts.

I drive a smart fortwo, officially named Halfpint, which I love way more than a person should love an inanimate object. Whenever I walk up to my car, I cheerfully proclaim, “I love you smart car!” To be perfectly honest, I profess my love for a million different things every day. I’m told my love is fickle because I love anything that makes me smile.

Being a designer kind of rules my life. When I’m not at the day job (which is currently for a major financial firm), I’m usually freelancing. Design is something I love to do that I just happen to make money with. It’s pretty awesome being able to do something for a living that you’re really passionate about. It’s also not something you can turn off. Much to the dismay of my non-artsy friends I’m constantly ranting about bad kerning in logos and such.

When I’m not whoring my soul for the greater aesthetic good of all mankind, usually channeling my inner-50s housewife and baking up delicious confections. I’m actually currently working with an associate to open a stationery design shop, in which we will charm clients with my baked goods and copious amounts of booze. This is awesome for me because I get to meld my two talents. It will not be so awesome for my liver.

Please forgive me, liver.

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