Stock photo lolz Written on September 2, 2009, by .

I started working on xmas themed ads in August. Ugh. We have a client that has a large “worship” market, that they believe is only christian although that is not the case. They always want to really jesus-up the mailers and ads they do, eventhough a pretty large chunk of their mailing list are synagogues. […]

does fuzzdecay give you diarrhea? Written on July 30, 2009, by .

Two people have legitimately found my page by searching “do wendy’s frosty’s give you diarrhea?” I find this perplexing, unfortunate, and hilarious all at once. I shared this information on my twitter which auto-updates my facebook status. This was probably a bad idea. I now have these additional fecal themed searches: do wendy’s frosty’s give […]

Syfy channel rebrand. Written on July 22, 2009, by .

This post brought to you by me being bored and poking around The Skinny. So the Scifi channel has rebranded to “Syfy”. I would like to jump on the bandwagon and say that this was a poor move. It’s way too web 2.0/trendy of a name, especially when the old one wasn’t dated. Are they […]

Catalog: complete. Written on July 22, 2009, by .

The catalog that has been owning me for the past month is complete. Mechanicals made and uploaded to the press at 11:20, our deadline was noon. Although the client was seemingly trying very hard to get that to not happen. Not only did we get one day to make any “final tweaks” they had to […]

Helvetica was an unimaginative choice. Written on July 18, 2009, by .

I’m always concerned when I get thrust into an art directing position. Not because I’m concerned with my ability to perform the job, but because i’m so snarky and have such high standards. I’ve been working on a way to work the Design Police Visual Enforcement Kit into my everyday life, in a way which […]

Wendy’s frosty fail. Written on July 15, 2009, by .

I would like to preface this with my distaste for introducing non-chocolate flavors of Frosty. Frosties are supposed to be chocolate, and that is all. Not vanilla, not a part of a shake, not some odd blizzard-esque concoction, but chocolate. Which for some reason arouses a great thirst whenever I have one, like they’re full […]

Utiliser un nouveau condom lors de chaque relation sexuelle. Written on July 9, 2009, by .

what I heard on my most recent walk through the office: “That lube callout is too high” “…boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da, boom de ya da….” “Hi, I’m calling about that paper sample?” “No, that’s not what I was asking…” “…and it really gets your colon clean!” And […]

2 days pregnant Written on July 8, 2009, by .

One of the ladies I’m blessed to share some square footage of carpet with 8 hours a day is pregnant. She was obviously desperate to have a child. She never said anything, but everyone in the office instinctually knew. She announced her pregnancy when she was 5 weeks. No one announces their pregnancy that early. […]

Pharmaceutical clients Written on July 2, 2009, by .

In addition to the condom client at the day job, we work with lots of pharmaceutical companies. We roll out packaging and informational/promotional matierals for everything from prescription supplements to surgical scrub. One of our clients is a diabetes testing supply distributor. They are quite possibly the most wasteful client I’ve ever come into contact […]

<3 veer Written on June 24, 2009, by .

I love veer. I love their fresh stock photography. It’s so much more rewarding to buy images from veer than say, getty. They’re not as expansive, but what they lack in volume, they more than make up for in quality. Their images are newer and much more targeted to younger audiences. I love their designer […]

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