Draw your life Written on April 17, 2012, by .

Oh nos! A meme post! dotsuck recently posted a challenge to draw your life. Here’s mine: Template can be found here if you’d like to participate.

pancakes! (never ask me to name anything) Written on March 6, 2012, by .

One of the things that we desperately wanted when we got married but never received was money/parts to build a media center. Instead we ended up getting a lot of amazing, and much needed, kitchen equipment and a few crystal chip dishes. Most of the money we received went towards buying and setting up Gordon, […]

busy season(s) Written on February 27, 2012, by .

When I decided to volunteer to lead a girl scout troop, i did NOT think about the fact that their busy season (cookie sales) coincides with my job’s busy season (taxes) as well as my non-profit’s busy season (advertising for the summer intensives). This has coalesced into February being a month of frantic running around. […]

“Hey girl, lemme get a ride on that bike!” Written on February 25, 2012, by .

One of the things I generally think while biking to work is how much I’ll miss living in the midst of the city whenever we inevitably buy a house. When I first moved to midtown, I was a bit intimidated to move into an area with crack dealers, prostitutes, and the homeless hanging out around […]

Love is inconvenience Written on February 19, 2012, by .

My friend Sunny recently posted about blue roses (towards the end of that entry). Reading that reminded me of how I measure love. It’s nothing quite as crazy as sending someone after something that doesn’t exist and basing my love on that, but it’s similarly strange. I base how much someone loves me based purely […]

Disregard my whining Written on February 15, 2012, by .

The beginning of the year is always rough for me. Around mid-January I start to lose my shit and it doesn’t rectify itself until after my birthday. I get in this “shit could be so much better!” mood, which kickstarts many projects, or makes me do slightly insane things like quit my job with no […]

Slowly becoming less pathetic Written on February 11, 2012, by .

I can now make it through kickboxing class on occasion without dropping reps from sets or modifying exercises (unless we’re doing pushups, i can’t do a sans knee pushup yet). I was especially proud when a bunch of pretty skinny bitches came into kickboxing on wednesday all made up cute and had to leave halfway […]

A brief history of the interwebs Written on February 10, 2012, by .

I was recently invited to a group on facebook for writers of the old e/n scene and cam girls. It’s sort of an ad hoc ten year reunion. A lot of the time, those two things were interchangeable. For those not cruising the underbelly of the internet in the late 90s/early 00s, e/n was basically […]

I’m ready for you, Peter Jackson Written on February 6, 2012, by .

Partially in preparation for The Hobbit and partially to fuel my insane idea of walking/biking/running to Mordor, I’ve been devouring Tolkien in my scant free time. Since the beginning of the year I have read Lord of the Rings (again), the Silmarillion, and am currently about halfway through the Hobbit. This is my second time […]

Fitness or lack thereof Written on February 5, 2012, by .

Since I have skipped a few weeks in documenting my fitness, let it just be said that i’ve gone every workday at lunch and then after work minus one day that I worked from home and two days that I was working on my sketchbook. I’ve continued taking the evil class, power sculpt and core […]

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