May’s Cocktails and Cupcakes Written on July 3, 2011, by .

I was pretty pleased with my confections so I thought I’d share. The May theme was “picnic”. What’s more picnic than tiny sandwiches? To make them, I made a recipe of pound cake from Screened Doors and Sweet Tea. If I’m not baking from the original Betty Crocker cookbook, I am most likely baking from […]

Breakfast cupcakes Written on August 16, 2010, by .

Candied Bacon. Okay, now that I have your attention… I had an idea to make french toast cupcakes with bacon on them. A quick google search showed me that it had been done before, but that just makes me easier for me! I modified a recipe slightly, as it didn’t call for candied bacon. I’d […]

Summertime is popsicle time Written on August 15, 2010, by .

When I first heard about King of Pops, I was inspired. Here is a man who was down on his luck and turned it into an opportunity to spread local, handmade frozen confectionery infused joy to the people of Atlanta. And what joy it is! My personal favorite is his Blueberry Lemongrass (also called Bluegrass), […]

pumpkin cheesecake Written on December 23, 2009, by .

There was apparently a pie pumpkin shortage this year. The only place I could find pumpkins was whole foods, and they were all $8 monster pumpkins. This left me with a ridiculous amount of pumpkin after I made my pumpkin pie, so I decided to try my hand at a pumpkin cheesecake. Pumpkin cheesecake will […]

Crème Brûlée Written on October 18, 2009, by .

I love crème brûlée. (I also love Amélie. Such a beautiful film.) For the longest time, I was intimidated to try making it, though. Custards are notoriously testy, prone to curdling and becoming rubbery, and the recipes I studied involved all kinds of funky steps that I just didn’t know if I was prepared to […]

Beginning the biscuit quest. Written on October 15, 2009, by .

Seeing as I am from the south and love to bake, you’d assume that I’d have an awesome biscuit recipe that is flaky, delicious and full of win. And you would be wrong. Although I am from Georgia, and have lived here my entire life, I have learned precious little about southern cooking. My family […]

Rainbow cake Written on August 26, 2009, by .

I’ve been meaning to make a rainbow cake for almost a month now. This cake, which made the twitter rounds yesterday, finally inspired me to do it. I used the same basic cake recipe, but cheaped out and used ready-made “white” frosting. I didn’t want to use the last of my butter and eggs making […]

The best mac and cheese ever Written on July 31, 2009, by .

Hello, my name is Alicia and my two major food groups are cake and cheese. I actually went to the grocery store last week and spent $30 out of a $40 trip exclusively on dairy products. I am the bane of the lactose intolerant. I am sharing with you this supremely delicious macaroni and cheese […]

Green tea cupcakes with honey frosting Written on July 27, 2009, by .

I’ve been dying to try my hand at green tea cupcakes for ages. I finally gave up trying to find a local distributor of matcha powder and used brewed green tea. Overall, I think they are successful. The cake has a very subtle green tea flavor due to using the brewed tea instead of powder […]

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