BatSmart! Written on November 14, 2009, by .

There was a commerical that ran on tv here a few months back for some crappy Korean or American car (I really can’t remember which), that featured a car super hero with this ridiculous cape. Ever since seeing that, I wanted to put a cape on the smart. With Halloween rapidly approaching, I saw my […]

Finishing my smart-iPod integration. Written on August 10, 2009, by .

It occured to me this weekend that I never finished my ipod into smart car integration story. A few days after I hacked a new dc outlet into my glovebox, my chosen mounting bracket showed up. I decided to go with the proclip solution. It’s a two-part solution that includes a vehicle specific mount, coupled […]

Visiting family Written on August 5, 2009, by .

I had a rather impromptu visit to south Georgia last weekend to visit my family. I was originally going to go the weekend prior, because it was my mom’s birthday, but I managed to jam that weekend up with freelance work. This was the first time I’ve driven down there on a normal weekend. I […]

smart car modification: installing 12v accessory outlet Written on July 12, 2009, by .

One of my biggest complaints with the smart car is the woeful lack of dc outlets. There is one port located underneath the dash in the middle of the car, above the cup holders. I have yet to discern why exactly car companies think it’s a great idea to put the outlets near the cup […]

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