February 5, 2012
Fitness or lack thereof

Since I have skipped a few weeks in documenting my fitness, let it just be said that i’ve gone every workday at lunch and then after work minus one day that I worked from home and two days that I was working on my sketchbook.

I’ve continued taking the evil class, power sculpt and core and last week, I successfully did a real sit up. I previously could only do crunches, my abs/back just couldn’t pull my entire body up. I’ve noticed that my ability to actually do sit ups is spotty, a few days ago I lost the ability to be able to do them halfway through a class, but then could do them again after?

Kickboxing and zumba remain my favorite classes for right now, although zumba is really too early for me to swing very often. They just released a new group class schedule, so maybe i’ll have some more favorite classes soon.

The free month i won at the gym expired at the end of January and I decided to actually join. It was a pretty easy decision due to the sauna and steam room <3 The group classes at lunch are pretty awesome, and finishing up the day with some “running” on machines and then some sauna is pretty sweet. For those wondering, I am almost at Crickhollow on my trek to Mordor :)

One of the things we get as a part of membership is a free personal training session to assess where you are and where you want to be and to give you a plan on action. I’ve been debating what I want my goal to be. I’ve pretty much given up on weight loss, for reasons I’ll delve into in a minute. My only real fitness related goal I’ve ever had is to be able to do a single pull up, but that’s a seriously weak goal.

I think what I want to get out of this gym experience is to not be so pathetic. I would like to be able to run a mile if I need/want to. I’d like to be able to touch my toes. I’d like to be able to do tons of things that moderately active and fit people can do that I just… can’t. Physically, I’m on par with the 40 year old women in the group classes I take, and that is depressing. I guess what I want is strength and endurance to be able to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and not just feel like i’m going to die under physical exertion.

And I’d like to point out that this is me NOW after having lost a ton of weight and going to the gym (off and on), various fitness related classes, and biking/walking whenever I can for a few years. As sad as my current level of stamina might be, it’s infinitely better than it previously was. Even though I’m significantly fatter than I was as a teenager, I’m in a hell of a lot better shape.

While I’m on depressing topics, I have managed to GAIN two pounds during the month I’ve been going to the gym. At the behest of my friends I took measurements (as everyone assumed I was gaining muscle and thus gaining weight while slimming down), alas i have also gained an inch in my waist (nothing else budged).

I can only hope that I’m just retaining water or something. I’m working pretty hard at the gym and not eating significantly differently than I have been. I haven’t gained any weight in about 6 months due to my thyroid medicine finally getting sorted out. When I weigh myself again next weekend, if it’s not better i’m pushing up my appointment with the endocrinologist. There’s no reason that I should be gaining weight right now, unless the extra physical exertion is screwing up my thyroid levels somehow, which isn’t something I’ve heard of.

I finally made it to Heels on Wheels again! I had missed a few months due to general frantic gestures to get things done and traveling. I was even the “cover girl” this month on Cameron (the photographer who comes out)’s blog.

I also started back at ballet. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that I finally watched Black Swan a few weeks ago. I dropped down to the Intro class because the center work in the Beginner class was a bit much for me due to my general lack of coordination and inability to tell my right from left. However, the Intro class is too easy (as I took ballet forever as a child and have a pretty strong foundation). I’m planning on taking 1-2 more Intro classes to build up my confidence and then going back to Beginner.

Still working on getting Tim to commit to Swing/Lindy classes. My lack of coordination does not hinder my love of dancing… it just makes me never want to do it in public. Maybe just taking a ton of dance classes is my ticket out of awkward times at weddings?

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February 2, 2012
The way out is through

Nice to know I didn’t even make it a month into my whole “I’m going to update once a week” thing. Not to make excuses, but it was purely because of my frantic completion of my sketchbook for the sketchbook project. It was due out Jan 31st, and I (just barely) made it. I was working on it up until the minute I left to run it to the post office.

I’m sure I mentioned it before, but my theme was “prehistoric”. I treated my sketchbook like spreads, and each spread had a different time period on it. In order:

  1. The singularity (before the big bang)
  2. The big bang (explosion, creation of stars, formation of rocks)
  3. Formation of the solar system
  4. The molten earth & newly created moon with sun and planets in the background
  5. Rain comes to the molten earth and forms bodies of water
  6. Molecules form in water and form DNA
  7. DNA begins to self replicate
  8. An ameoba-like cell ingests an organelle (Which is how it’s believed mitochondria entered cells. My drawing features an interpretation of a ribosome, a subtle nod to my husband’s research)
  9. The Cambrian explosion
  10. First amphibians on land
  11. Triassic period
  12. Jurassic period
  13. Cretaceous period
  14. Dinosaur solemnly watching the comet impact
  15. Rise of the mammals (featuring our dog, Gordon: Dinosaur’s Bane in the foreground in front of T. Rex bones happily gnawing away)

It also featured a pocket with a ton of business cards and some QR codes that will hopefully lead people to here, my portfolio site, or various social media outlets.

The sketchbook is a mix of woodless colored pencil and regular colored pencil. Which was, admittedly, not the media of choice for quick sketchbook work.

I realized about a week before it was due that I was only halfway completed. It was, in all ways, a hopeless mad dash to the finish. I had to abandon my original idea of sculpting the book to look like a dinosaur head due to time constraints. I ended up covering it with lime green scale-embossed paper, which works just as well.

My main regret is that my coloring was rushed in places and not my best work. But I feel like the sketchbook project is in a lot of ways like Nanowrimo, it’s not meant to be perfect, just an exercise in doing. I’m just happy that I finished!

Oh nos, Mr. dinosaur!

For those wanting to see the books, the tour begins in April. Full dates are here. My book is also being digitized, which I’ll link to once it happens. I had quite a few friends partaking in the sketchbook project and I’m excite to see everyone’s work when it comes to Atlanta in August.

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January 16, 2012
Of Mordor and missing husbands.

It’s finally starting to pick up more at work, which is great because sitting around with nothing to do up there is torture. I’ve gotten a couple of long term projects that are moving slowly, but filling up my days. Can’t complain. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that we’re moving back to our old floor. Last Easter, our floor caught on fire and we were moved for the cleanup and rebuild of our old floor. We’re moving back down to it starting Tuesday, which isn’t something I’m looking forward to because it’s still fume-y and I’m concerned it’ll trigger migraines. So times where I have no work, I’ve been packing up my cube.

That means that I’m starting to fall behind on my sketchbook, though. I got some work done while on a call, but I’m still at the formation of the moon. Have a LONG way to go and the month is already half over!

I didn’t do great at the gym last week, because Thursday I worked from home.

Monday: bike to work. Lunch: High Intensity Training (not so bad. Lots of jogging). After work: 15 mins on machines. Sauna.
Tuesday: Lunch: Pilates (do not like). After work: 25 mins on machines. Steam room.
Wednesday: Bike to work. Lunch: Zumba (very much enjoyed, although I don’t have much rhythm). After work: 15 mins on machines. Sauna.
Thursday: biked to my bank in downtown (on my new bike!) and back.
Friday: Biked to work. Lunch: Kickboxing (different teacher, didn’t like it as much. Almost punched him in the head, oops!) After work: 1 mile on the AMT machine (12 mins). Steam and Sauna.

If you noticed, I switched on Friday from minutes to miles. That’s because I’ve decided to make a map of middle earth and walk my way to Mordor. I consulted the Atlas of Middle Earth, so the path is as accurate as I can possibly make it. 1779 miles from Bag End to the Crack of Doom. I am still somewhere between Bag End and where the hobbits stopped on the first night. They walked 18 miles the first evening!

Speaking of Lotr geekiness, I’m at Minas Tirith with Pippin and Gandalf now in the book. I also decided that since Tim was away, I’d watch some more of the commentary. The design commentary isn’t as good as the filmmakers’ commentary.

Thursday, I was working from home, so I had a great opportunity to do laundry and make the place less of a disaster for when Tim returned. Also, I attended my first Girl Scout service unit meeting. They’re at 7, so I believe I’ll continue to work from home the second Thursday of the month to be able to make those. It was held at this crazy huge church that had an elevator. Most of the talk was of cookie sales, which my troop has been doing pretty well at. I’m excited to hopefully be able to do some trips with them after the sales.

Tim returned to Atlanta Friday evening. I talked him into biking down to my office and eating at Alma Cocina with me. I’d been trying to get him down there for a while, and i finally won out. He was also impressed with the food. We’ve talked one of his lab friends, who is a big foodie into having lunch there with us. Win!

The weekend was spent driving to Athens on Saturday morning to pick up a letterpress. I’m so ridiculously excited about it! It’s a 5×8 Kelsey Exelcisor Model U in perfect working order and it came with all the furniture needed other than quoins. We even got some ink and type with leading and letterspacing bars. I’m trying to source quoins and type wash to be able to try it out. I have a feeling I’ll be blowing up etsy soon.

Saturday night was MLK themed cocktails and cupcakes. Tim made peach and tea themed drinks, and I made pecan pie cupcakes (since pecan pie was MLK’s favorite food). Since Tim essentially just made a shitload of long island iced teas, the level of drunkenness got way out of hand pretty early on.

Luckily, that was after the founding director of the non-profit I work for left. While she was here, we talked some shop and I believe we’re going to take on a design intern! I’ve been working with this foundation for 4 years now, and it’s been incredible to watch them grow.

Sunday and today seem to be lazy days. We’re cleaning a little, running small errands and just sitting around catching up on shows and such. I managed to talk Tim out of going in today since I have it off. It’s been nice having him around again. :)

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January 8, 2012
2012 thus far

I’m still working on catching up a few back posts, but It’s time to move into the present. I’ve vowed to keep up with this better in the future. It feels like there’s something missing when i get too busy to spend time on this little self indulgence.

2012 started out with some awkwardness and a broken bone. My cousin decided that he was going to be a bad ass and jump over a dry pond’s bank on his four wheeler and flew off, the four wheeler rolling twice. The four wheeler is pretty jacked, and he’s in a sling for a while. Worst way to start a year, definitely.

While visiting my family, I went through a large box of crap I packed up to go down there when moving from my apt to the loft. I found a ton of old pictures and such. Luckily, I used an award I received at work to purchase a little portable scanner. I got the scanner mainly to help with family history stuff, but I suppose I can spare it to scan embarrassing high school pictures to tag on facebook.

It was a pretty lax week at work, since not everyone is back from vacation yet. I definitely prefer having stuff to do to having to train endlessly. Training is altogether more wearisome than having a full schedule (unless your full schedule is full of crazy people).

My new swank gym, shamelessly lifted from their website.

At one of the holiday parties at work, I won a 30 day membership to an incredibly swank gym that’s in our building. Given that I work odd hours, I can’t take advantage of their morning or night classes. However, I have been taking group fitness classes during lunch and hitting it for a bit after work as well. This week it was:

Monday: Nothing, mostly sitting in a car on our way back to Atlanta.

Tuesday: Lunch: Power sculpt n’ core. AWFUL class. My upper body and core are shit, and that’s all this worked. My abs are still sore.
After work: 5 mins each on: Elliptical, upright bike, recumbent bike, AMT (which is a combo stair stepper/elliptical. you set your own stride and it’s extremely customizable), This machine that’s like a no impact stair stepper. 10 mins in the sauna. Did I mention that his place has both a sauna and a steam room? heaven!

Wednesday: Lunch: Kickboxing, which was probably my favorite class. Killed my shoulders, but was a lot of fun.
After work: 10 mins AMT and upright bike, 5 mins impact-less stair stepper. 10 mins steam room. I’m torn as to whether I prefer the sauna or the steam room. The steam room is a bit scary, i have this ridiculous fear that I’m going to drown.

Thursday: Biked to work.
Lunch: Spinning. I much prefer biking, but not terrible.
After work: 10 mins rowing, 10 mins AMT. 5 mins each sauna and steam room. biked home.

Friday: Biked to work.
Lunch: Endurance Sculpt. I was apprehensive given my experience with the first class, but this wasn’t bad at all. I did spend part of the time doing elevated pushups on a bench overlooking the lobby full of people eating at the awesome restaurant, which made me feel like an idiot.
After work: 10 mins on the AMT, both sauna and steam. biked home.

Saturday: Rest. And by rest, I mean ride various bicycles for about half an hour on my quest to buy a new one. I actually did buy one at the end of it all, a silver bianchi turismo. I bought it from Outback bikes down in L5P. It was the first one I tried and after having test ridden a few I came back to it. The salesperson nailed it when he suggested it to me. I was going to attend heels on wheels, but my hair appointment ran over super late :(

Sunday: I was planning on biking to my girl scout meeting, but it seems to be raining :\ It’s not raining much, but I don’t know if i want to take my new bike out in the rain yet, since i’m not used to riding it. The meeting place is a bit too far to ride my commuting cruiser.

My new bike, except mine is silver. Also lifted from the website. I'm lazy about taking pictures.

In non-fitness related news: I’ve been working pretty hard on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project 2012. I picked prehistoric as my theme and am starting at the singularity and big bang, going forward through the death of the dinosaurs. I’m doing the entire thing in woodless colored pencils, which isn’t something i’ve worked much with, but they’ve been fun thus far. Somewhere between a colored pencil and an oil pastel.

sketchbook and colored pencils

I’ve not very far, I just finished the big bang. I have 13 more spreads that I have to finish and postmark by Jan 31st. It’s going to be hectic.

Yesterday morning, Tim left to go to his second conference. He’s in Texas for a week at an origins of life conference. He’s presenting his research. At his last conference he had a poster and a talk, but i’m wanting to say this one is just a poster, but he’s excited to meet some of the people who are there. One of the people in particular is the arsenic backbone girl, who he’s excited to see flounder.

It’s lonely here without Tim. It’s just me and Gordon hanging out, him curled up by me while I read Lord of the Rings for the ninth time. I’m at Fangorn forest right now. The reason I was digging through that box back home was the find my beaten up copy of Lotr, finding the pictures was just a happy coincidence. Something about watching the extended editions back to back (which is a holiday tradition around these parts) made me want to reread the book this year.

Having the time alone is nice sometimes, but I’m already tired of it and still have 5 days to go.

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January 4, 2012

2011 was the first year that Tim and I were able to celebrate both American and Canadian Thanksgiving. Since most of the time we go to Canada for family stuff and don’t really have time to just bum around, I took a few extra days off for extra exploring time.

We drove up over 2 days, which is something we rarely ever do. It’s a 14 hour drive to the in-laws’ house, and we generally just drive it straight. We stopped at the Cumberland Inn in Kentucky (which completely overcharged us, it was pretty awful) overnight, and began the day going to the Mountain Life Museum in Levi Jackson State Park.

Crazy old sewing machine which was still fully functional

Weaving in process/ We weren't there when they were doing demonstrations.

Some of the log cabins, which were moved from their original sites log by log and rebuilt

Old tractor

Gordon loves geese, I almost had to ride with a wet dog in my lap up to canada

We then stopped in Dayton to visit the Airforce museum (which is intense and free) and grab dinner with John (who was in my wedding party and has the misfortune of living in ohio).

just an adorable plane. no pictures from dinner with john... we went to a lame mexican place that got my order the opposite of correct.

Over the weekend, we took a day trip to Toronto where we visited Kensington market. This was the first time I'd been to Toronto and actually gotten out of the car to look around. It was pretty nice.

We saw these two sitting in a park, the girl petting a bunny and the guy wearing an honest-to-god labcoat. I think something fishy was going on.

Toronto's cable car system is insane. Also, a VERY pedestrian friendly city. I'm so jealous, Atlanta isn't pedestrian friendly at all.

A month later, my in-laws drove down from Canada to the wilderness of south Georgia to partake in American Thanksgiving. This was awesome because I had two opportunities to eat pumpkin pie, but was kind of not awesome because i ended up having to make 6 pies between both of them.

While down for the holiday, we took the opportunity to show the inlaws the historic parts of Jekyll Island, as it's an hour drive from my family's home.

My lovely MIL enjoying the view at the Jekyll Island Club

Sunset over the marshes

During thanksgiving weekend, we visited the homestead of my mother's childhood best friend's family. Rusted out old shacks are a common site where i'm from.

The homestead. Someone lived here up into the 2000s, which is insane for me to think about. It barely had indoor plumbing!

One of the highlights of the farm day at the homestead was that they made cane syrup from freshly harvested sugar cane. They also made lye soap (which will apparently eat off your skin until it cures for multiple weeks). We brought a bottle of the fresh syrup home, which i'm excited about.

Pecan trees and a perfect sky

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January 2, 2012
the library

…or how I lost my life over the course of one lunch break.

My office is a block-ish away from the Atlanta Central Library. When the weather wasn’t so ass, I spent my lunch breaks walking down to the smoothie place in Fairlie-poplar, which is how I discovered its proximity. My library card had expired and was in my maiden name anyways, so I swung in to get a new library card and poke around.

When poking around, I noticed that there was an entire floor dedicated to genealogy stuff. I didn’t have time to check it out, though. I left with a copy of The Bonesetter’s Daughter (which was surprisingly good!) and a burning desire to go back and check out that floor.

I devoured that book and 2 days later arrived back at the library with my coworker, Sarah, in tow. We found ourselves up on the 5th floor, where there was a pretty intense Margaret Mitchell exhibit and the genealogy department. Walking through the delightfully musty shelves, I happened upon an early 1900s census of Coffee County, where I’m from, and found a listing of a man with my maiden name.

And that verily started my downfall.

Upon returning back to work, I sent a facebook message to my father asking him if I was related to this man. As a bit of an aside, I’ve had, at best, a strained relationship with my father since… forever. My parents divorced when I was 3, but my father was in the navy and stationed out of a base in another state so i very rarely ever saw him before that. About 2 years ago, he reached out to me via facebook and we’ve been in spotty contact ever since, culminating in meeting for the first time in 20 years at his youngest sister’s funeral in 2012.

Anyway, I’ve known for a while that my father has been doing genealogy research, so I knew he’d be the person to ask. However, due to his rather transient job, I didn’t hear back from him for over a month. Within that time I had:

Genealogy research has a tendency to eat up a LOT of time, I’ve noticed. But, it’s something that I have found extremely rewarding given that my immediate family have been displaced from my extended family since my mother was in the womb. We’ve always been very isolated and it’s great to learn about these other relatives and start making connections. My crowning achievement has been finding my Opa’s family in Germany. It’s truly incredible, no one I have contact with knew that my Opa had more daughters than just my grandmother.

Having all of this information has very much colored the way I see myself, my family, and life in general. Knowing where I came from and seeing how far back it goes is just mind-blowing. I’ve traced certain branches of my family back to the 16-1700s. I learned that my mom and dad’s family fought on opposite sides of the Civil war. I learned that I have multiple ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary war. I haven’t really wrapped my head around all of it yet, because it’s so different from my isolated upbringing.

There are still some mysteries. I have no idea who my grandmother’s father is, because she was an illegitimate child. That’s the biggest one I’m working on right now. I have a name written in her baby book, but I have no idea where her mother was living at the time of her conception, which is making it difficult to track down.

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January 2, 2012
Tim, the PhD Candidate

Most of 2011 wasn’t very fun because Tim was finishing up his course work/academic requirements to get his PhD candidacy. Finally, the mid/late September, he passed his candidacy exam. Because I am a loving wife, and somewhat crazy, I treated him to a weekend at this favorite place on earth as long as he’d drive.

So after a half day at work, we left Atlanta to drive down to Disney. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside, which is right next to the dog boarding facility (which I’m excited to bring Gordon to at some point!). We decided to do Epcot on Saturday and Magic Kingdom on Sunday, because MK had extra magic hours on Sunday night. However, I had to work Monday, so we stayed at MK until 1am and then Tim drove back overnight. I ended up making it back to work with minutes to spare Monday morning, which was completely crazy.

Yay, giant golf ball! The park was absolutely dead, it was quite nice.

See? Completely dead in the morning. It filled in a little as the day wore on, but nothing crazy like I'm used to.

Inside the Land pavilion, getting fast passes for soarin'

Dew on the flowers in the courtyard, before the harsh Florida sun burnt it all off.

The sea! Where I spent no less than 20 minutes watching manatees eat heads of lettuce.

A gorgeous day at the China pavilion

We had dinner at Bistro de Paris, which was amazing. Not going to lie, I did miss the beer cheese soup at LeCellier, though. This was snapper coated in scales of potato on a bed of spinach and pine nuts in a creamy rosemary sauce. heaven!

For dessert, lemon soufflé with raspberry filling and raspberry sorbet

Magic Kingdom was decorated for Halloween, which was exciting for me. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday, and I'd never seen the parks decorated for it.

Cute jackolantern/scarecrow band on Main Street

All along Main Street, there were tons of jack o lanterns, bunting, and autumnal garland. it was super cute.

The castle in front of some foreboding skies

Some covert shots of the Fantasyland expansion. That's Belle's castle in the background there.

More Fantasyland expansion. not sure what this is, though. It's back next to the tea cups and the motor speedway.

We were rained in at the Hall of Presidents for a while, which was really unfortunate, because the attraction broke at the same time. It eventually reopened, and we stuck around for it. It was the first time i'd ever bothered watching it.

Anal violation carousel pony

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January 1, 2012
Geekery and one year together

This past labor day marked our first year anniversary. We celebrated with a Dragoncon themed cocktails and cupcakes, and I attended my first Heels on Wheels ride around Atlanta.

Photo courtesy of Cameron Adams of Atlanta Street fashion

Heels on Wheels is an event hosted by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. On the first Saturday of every month, a group of finely dressed ladies meet in Woodruff park to take a leisurely ride down Peachtree Street and enjoy eachother’s company. I’ve since been to 2 of these rides and am looking forward to going to more in the future.

The September ride was great, because he cruised through DragonCon to people watch. Our Cocktails and Cupcakes that month was held the same weekend because our dear friends Kat and Paul were down from NJ for con.

Kelly also showed up with Gavin, who spent most of the night playing with Tim's Green Lantern rings.

I made various super hero themed cupcakes in honor of the geekery. Spiderman was red velvet, captain america was american themed home made funfetti, and batman was devil's food cake.

After Dragoncon festivities were over, Tim and I headed to the Bahamas to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed on Paradise Island, right next to the Atlantis resort. Here are a ton of pictures in no particular order:

The bahamas!

The seal of the Bahamas, on the door to the patio at our hotel

One of the aquariums at Atlantis

One of the various places to buy conch

The swankier part of Atlantis

Barbed wire on a roof in Nassau

Poseidon, the giantic ray at Atlantis

The beach at the Nassau Hilton

The beach at Atlantis

The shops next to Atlantis

Inside the Mesa Grill

The Versailles Gardens

ugly fish

At the cloister

Lobby of Atlantis

Versailles Garden, with the cloister in the background. This garden and the clod.ster were moved from france and rebuilt on Paradise Islant

View of Nassau from the Cloister

Mesa Grill, where we had an AMAZING meal.

One of the sculptures in Atlantis

The most authentic Bahamian food we had while there, it's in an area called the wharf

racially insenstive knickknacks

More swanky Atlantis

I love this guy holding the conch

A view from the wharf

The cloister

Sunset from the wharf

The gazebo next to the shore at the cloister

Paradise island from the water taxi going toward Nassau

The Hilton in Nassau

slipper lobster!

crazy chiulily lights in the casino

More mesa Grill

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December 31, 2011
Grunty stinkday, dear Gordon

August 10th marked Gordon’s first birthday, he shares a birthday with my dear sister in law. We held a special cocktails and cupcakes in his (/their?) honor.

People had carrot cupcakes, and Gordon had an amazing meat cake. I made two tiny meatloaves of turkey, carrot, and oat in some of our mini cocottes. When the meat pucks cooled, I spread spray cheese between the two layers and frosted the whole thing with mashed potatoes.

meat cake: confection of stinky champions

Preparing for the eatening

An extremely fast video of gordon devouring his cake:

After gordon spent the better part of half an hour destroying the cake, it was time for Dinosaur’s Bane to receive his prehistoric themed presents.

Dinosaur chew toys for a dino-chewing loving dog

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September 18, 2011
A wedding in Destin

Over July 4th weekend (July 1st for he Canadians out there), Tim’s cousin, Kevin married his lovely long-time girlfriend, Liz. Fun fact: Tim used the inheritance he received from his grandmother to buy our wedding bands and Kevin used the same inheritance to buy Liz’s engagement ring. I can’t think of much better ways to use inheritance money.

They had a destination wedding in Destin. Tim and I packed up Gordon and spent the weekend down there, enjoying family and the beach.

Kevin and Liz had a waterfront wedding at a local resort. It was quite nice.

The lovely bride and groom

However, mid-way through the ceremony a plane flew overhead carrying a banner. I don’t believe you’ll quite realize the hilarity without hearing the violin in the background.

In case you couldn’t read it:

Close up

I’m not sure if anyone involved in the wedding noticed it, but some of us in the audience got a bit of chuckle. Afterwards there was cocktail hour while the family pictures were being taken.

Favors and decor

Cocktail hour. That's Tim in the front there, getting some hors d'ouerves

Sunset over the water during the reception/cocktail hour

We clean up well

After dinner was served, everyone crowded the dance floor and their photo booth. My husband is a dancing fiend when you get a few drinks in him. Also, speaking of drinks, they also had a photobooth which filled up as the drinking commenced.

The dance floor rapidly became packed

My husband, ladies and gentlemen.

From the photo booth

After the wedding, Liz’s family invited us back to where they were staying for a little afterparty. I don’t have very fond memories of this party because Tim made me the nastiest drink to have ever existed. He mixed together ginger ale, triple sec, and maker’s mark.

I took one for the team and finished it.

It took me the better part of an hour to choke it down, though. Ugh.

The rest of the trip was spent just hanging out.

The pool where we were staying

Uncle Richard (father of the groom) riding bitch in smart car

Gordon tries to get free ice cream. Little did we know, that dogs apparently always get free ice cream at Bruster's

Awaiting his doggie ice cream

He happens to love ice cream.

We decided to take Gordon to the beach and see how he’d do in the ocean. Apparently it’s illegal to have dogs on the beach in Destin. Oops!

Gordon loves the beach

Dig, dig, dig.

He does not love the ocean

After a big day

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